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I want to make love to you
like it's my first time.
Well, my first time wasn't so hot.
But the time after that hit the spot.
I want to make love to you like it's my second time.

You look so beautiful,
even without make-up.
But just to be fair I'm drawn
to you more with mascara on.
So I'm glad that you wore make-up tonight.

I just want to hold you,
keep you warm all night,
until my arm falls asleep.
Then I will ask you to move.
Actually it's probably time for you to go home.

I really like you, I'm just being honest.
The media puts unrealistic expectations of love on us.
I love when you sleep over,
it's just hard to get some sleep.
The room's too hot, the beds too small
and it's weird to see you in the morning.
It's really weird to see you in the morning, no offense.
Ooo, you took offense to that.

I wanted to make love to you,
why did you leave me?
Now I'll be thinking of you while I do do dodo do
Just you and Kate Upton too, and the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders too,
and my Mom's Sundance catalogue too,
but mostly you.




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O Street, Where Art Thou?

"O Street, Where Art Thou?" Is a sketch comedy revue written by Nick Jester with music by David von Kampen. "O Street" premiered on July 25th 2013 in beautiful Lincoln, Nebraska.

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