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I feel you are different than anyone I've ever met.
They say love's a gamble, I'd like to place my bet.
I was losing myself, I almost lost my purse.
You made me move forward, I was stuck in reverse.

Now that you have found me, we'll never be the same.
I don't even know your name.

It's Kyle.

Kyle, Kyle,
the man who changed my mind.
Thanks to you I'm not scared to leave it all behind.
Lonely days are over and empty nights are through,
now that I've run right into you.


He's a little sky, and sort of awkward too.
It's cute that he doesn't know what he's supposed to do.
It's like he's an alien, from far off distant lands.
He's social inept and yet I think he understands.

Now that he has found me, we'll never be apart.
I wish he'd just sing what's in his heart!

Kyle, Kyle, yes that is my name.
Thanks to you I'm singing... I'm singing my own name.
I know how to talk to women. It's all under control.
But do we have to sing? It makes me feel uncomfortable.


I saw you standing there. My friend said you were cute,
and after moving closer I can not refute him.
Someday we'll get coffee, and soon enough we'll chat.
It was nice to meet you, I mean that.


Kyle, Kyle, he never wants to leave.
He's the only one for me, the Adam to my Eve,
Even if he wanted to, he just can't stay away.
He loves me far too much to stray.


I'm forever yours and you're forever in my heart.
I'll love you forever, 'til death do us part.

NATALIE: Kyle, Kyle, the man who changed my mind
KYLE: Kyle, Kyle, I'm the man who changed her mind.

NATALIE: Thanks to you I'm not scared to leave it all behind.
KYLE: Thanks to me, she'll leave it all behind.

Lonely days are over, and empty nights are through.
Now that I...
Now that I've found you.

I've run right into you.





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O Street, Where Art Thou?

"O Street, Where Art Thou?" Is a sketch comedy revue written by Nick Jester with music by David von Kampen. "O Street" premiered on July 25th 2013 in beautiful Lincoln, Nebraska.

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