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My sound, my sound, my sound is beautiful.

Once by the riverside, my father said to me,
I could be anything. I chose to sing.
Like a dumbass might.
Like a dumb asswipe.

I had the leading role in La Boheme.
My friends all missed me.
They went to the Ke$ha concert instead.

I'm classically trained. I've done all the work.
No one listens to me. I'm going berzerk.
I sound so good.
It doesn't even matter how hard I try.
It doesn't even matter that I can sing high.
That was pretty high.

My sound, my sound, my sound is beautiful.
But no one gives a fa la la la luck.




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O Street, Where Art Thou?

"O Street, Where Art Thou?" Is a sketch comedy revue written by Nick Jester with music by David von Kampen. "O Street" premiered on July 25th 2013 in beautiful Lincoln, Nebraska.

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